Friday, March 18, 2011

My recycling ways

Maybe it is because I have been through some rough financial times in my life, but I am always searching for new ideas of how to use those things we usually throw away or find in nature.  

The Captain and I went shopping today and saw the cutest wind chimes made out of shells.  It was a very simple design and we stood in the isle of the store looking at every angle of it to see how it was made.  They wanted something like $10.00 for something that would cost us nothing from stuff we have at home.  I love wind chimes . . . the sounds can be so soothing.

While my recycling ways teamed up with a little creativity can be a gift of making something for nothing, they can also be a curse.  What to do with all that stuff that you will find another use for on another day?

This week has been about throwing out stuff . . . spring cleaning.  What is funny is when one of us decides something needs to be tossed out, the other wants to keep it!  We still managed to gather quite a few trash bags of stuff to toss out . . . it is a start!

Have an awesome weekend :)

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