Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sluggish week!

It has been a sluggish week for me.  Health problems continue to plague me, one thing after another.  Needless to say, not much was done in the way of projects.  I'm just exhausted from experiencing pain.

My blogs have been feeling a bit neglected since I really haven't had the energy to even think and write.  Hopefully next week will find me feeling more energetic.

Maybe Tomorrow . . . one of my favorite songs that I created a video for best describes my mood for today.  I love these lyrics from the song . . . 

"I look around at a beautiful life, been the upperside of down, been the inside of out . . . but we breathe . . . we breathe" 

I'm so grateful for a beautiful life with an awesome man who makes me so happy and brings me rainbow smiles every day . . . this song really fits today :)

It is my song of the day . . . and here is my video . . . LOVE THIS SONG!

New blog posts . . .

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Have an awesome weekend!

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Star-chuu said...

Hi Gina, i was here again follow this awesome blog, get well soon and hope you will recover your strength. I love the song, thanks for sharing!!