Friday, April 15, 2011

The end of an era

I had heard the rumors . . . but I was still shocked when ABC made the announcement that All My Children and One Life to Live were going to end their decades-long run on daytime television. All that is left is General Hospital.  

It has been years since I freed myself from being hostage by what I called "my stories" . . . the writing had become extremely weak and constantly insulted my intelligence.  It became ponderous to watch a story that I could predict.  When they started writing the veterans off the show to bring in younger characters, I knew they were making a huge mistake.  Loyal followers to a daytime soap identify with the characters they have watched for decades.  It angered me and I quit watching although I somewhat kept the soap opera pages active on my website.  

Having said that, it still makes me sad to see their run come to an end.  The "Love in the Afternoon" era is over.  So what's next?  More boring judge shows, talk shows, game shows?  It has all been done before . . . the soaps had been a daily escape from reality that never ended for so many of us . . .

Since I quit watching the soaps, I've tried not to get overly involved in other continuing programs.  I do love Celebrity Apprentice and watch it whenever I remember it is on.  So I watched it tonight.  It occurred to me when Mark McGrath was fired that society in general loves a trainwreck . . . perhaps that is why Gary Bussey was not fired. It is all about ratings that dysfunctionality attracts. Same concept as following Charlie Sheen becoming America's favorite trainwreck.  Is this what we have come to as a society?  Glorifying the trainwreck . . . the more scandalous and dysfunctional, the better?  How sad.

Here's a video by Sugar Ray, featuring Mark McGrath . . . his run is over on Celebrity Apprentice :(

Hey . . . it's Friday!  Have an awesome weekend :)

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Chana@ Mamma Town said...

Hi there! Found you through the hops and I'm now following your adorable blog!! Hope you'll swing by and return the favor!

NANCY said...

Nice to meet you!! I'm following you now and hope that you will honour me by doing the same!!


Tammy said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! I grew up watching ABC soaps and can't believe they will be gone soon. While I stopped watching General Hospital and then All My Children I still have a specila place in my heart for both. But One Life to Live...I still watch and hate missing an episode. Thank you for the heart breaking news, even if it was time to say goodbye.

Unknown said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I hate to admit, but my Mom raised me on her stories.

I attended College watching Luke and Laura in the quad. Snuck late lunches at home to watch AMC, with Erica, and others including Kelli Rippa, and Josh Duhamel.

I do have it on good athority that Susan Lucci/Erica will be joining the cast on Wisteria Lane. My idea in case the producers steal it.

Aloha Florida!