Saturday, April 23, 2011

How about some blue-eyed soul and tropical surroundings?

I was so excited when I found the photo of what has been my vision for our new landscape.  Check out other photos I found for taking large areas of the garden and making them "maintenance friendly" on my gardening blog, Subtropical Gardening.  

It is so easy to imagine sitting in these surroundings listening to the awesome music of Daryl Hall.  If you are a fan of Daryl Hall like I am, you will enjoy the new post on my music blog, Gina's Music Memories.

Today was a lazy day after working outdoors the past couple of days.  Seems like every bone in my body hurts!  We had a blast going shopping for some new plants for the front yard and carport area and found some awesome bargains like a very pretty palm tree that I'd love to go back and get more.

All in all, it will be a lazy weekend.  We'll be spending tomorrow with family for Easter, going out for dinner!

Happy Easter everybody :)  Have a blessed day!

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Greenacremama said...

I LOVE it!!!it reminds me of something u see on vacation in the tropics. Thank you for following back . Hope you had a great Easter!