Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Another phase of computer burnout has hit me . . . real life is just too much fun and I am working on way too many projects at the same time.  Ok . . . the projects are in the planning stages of my mind and I have simply been this slug-like creature after a string of stressful and hectic events this past month or so.  It catches up eventually!

I've had to switch the television channel over to the Food Network and DIY since the news has been getting me down.  Since Donald Trump bowed out of the presidential race (at least for now), politics has become boring and uneventful.   The tornado devastation that never seems to end has really gotten me down . . .  seeing so much tragedy makes me feel helpless and depressed.  

The weather has become really hot and humid, but the tomato and pepper plants love it :)  The insect population is booming and we have been invaded by a host of mosquitoes, wasps, nasty grasshoppers and hornets.  I'm happy to report that the snake population has diminished to the point that we have not seen one in a very long time . . . gotta love all the cats that love to hang out on the property.

Happy Wednesday . . . hope your week has been more productive than mine.  I'll be back with a listing of my blog posts for all of my blogs :)


Intangible Hearts said...

So glad your real life is fun. Mine too. Here's hoping that the tornadoes
follow those snakes right down some rat hole!

Gina Alfani said...

Hey The Desert Rocks!! They can take the hurricanes with them too . . . the hurricane season starts next week. I'm really happy to NOT see any snakes . . . they freak me out!

Hope the rest of your week rocks too :)