Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

My theme for this week has been happiness . . . guess it is because I am feeling so much happiness.  Yeah, I know, it sounds corny . . . but I don't care!

I'm still bored with food and have become very obsessive about watching the Food Network and seeking out food blogs for new recipe ideas.  As a result, my food blog has been getting lots of new posts.

While I'm on the subject of food and the Food Network . . . have you checked out The Next Food Network Star?  Although it has irritated me to no end, it is the one show that I don't want to miss.  It reminds me of a train wreck.  My thoughts on the contestants . . . I'd hate to see the ones who didn't make the final cut since there are some really weird personalities on this season's show.  

The ones I really want to go home are the two that absolutely hate each other . . . they are equally annoying to me and I'd never watch a cooking show featuring them.  The evil self-proclaimed sexy middle eastern chef turned middle eastern mom and the cry baby who speaks as if she has marbles in her mouth, making it very difficult to understand what she is saying.  How in the world did cry baby make it to the final show?  Didn't they realize that the girl is very difficult to understand with no stage presence?  She always appears to have rolled out of bed seconds before the show.  Just my opinion!

It is HOT AND HUMID in Florida!  Much to my delight, the daily storms have not kicked in as they usually do in June . . . 

We have already been picking tomatoes off the tomato plant and the pepper plant is loaded with baby peppers!!  I'll be posting more articles about growing tomato and pepper plants on my gardening blog, Subtropical Gardening.

You can also check out my personal website that was started as a means to organize all of my favorite links and learn web and graphic design, DonitaWorld.com, for links to meet all of your gardening needs.

If you are wondering about the bizarre name for my personal website . . . my first internet name was Donita and I thought I’d use that name forever. My website has been there since 2001 . . . too late to go changing the website name now.


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Happy Tuesday!

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