Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sleaze Factor

Why am I not surprised that yet another politician admitted to sleazy behavior?  Seems like we have entered the era of The Sleaze Factor.  We aren't shocked anymore.  The ladies involved couldn't wait to show their faces and tell their stories . . . they are appearing on the news shows fluttering their eyelashes at the camera, proudly speaking of their sleazy ordeal, getting their 15 minutes of fame.  For what?  Sex talk with a stranger?  Oh yeah . . . now you are famous . . . congratulations, I'm glad you are proud of yourself.

What about the scumbag who won't resign since he "didn't do anything" to compromise his position?  Well, I'm sure his constituents are proud of him since he has made the headlines and the only thing missing are the torrid details.  As the days go by, I'm sure the media will sensationalize his behavior along with the details and make him a hero in the eyes of  a degenerate society who loves bad behavior.  The ladies will end up with a spread on Playboy as their reward.

It makes me sick . . .

Then there is the trial of Casey Anthony, another sleaze who could not be bothered to take care of a child who did not ask to be born.  Much of what is wrong with our society is too much screwing around without thinking of the consequences . . . there are ways to keep from conceiving a child, but I guess it is way too inconvenient.  Better to burden society with another unwanted child.  Don't have children if you don't have the means or desire to take care of them!

OK . . . I feel better now . . . have a wonderful day :)

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