Monday, July 25, 2011

Money, success and fame

My latest blog posts at Peace, Love, Happiness went into my continuing "blahness" and overwhelm . . . too much to do and not enough time.  It is my continuing story . . . maybe I just need a vacation from these four walls that seem to be closing in on me lately.  As a result, my blogs have suffered with the exception of those things that I am very passionate about . . . cooking and DIY projects.

Since the news is depressing and boring me with all the political bickering and finger pointing by the politicians, I've resorted to actually using the remote control and television guides to see what is on cable television other than news, food and DIY networks.  Today I discovered Oprah's cable network and a reality show about Ryan O'Neal and his daughter Tatum that I really enjoyed watching most of the afternoon.  

Reality continues to prove that money, success and fame do not bring happiness . . . quite the contrary in so many cases.  The stormy relationship of Ryan and Tatum . . . along with the rest of the family . . . have been in and out of celebrity news through the decades.  Seems like all of these stories have an underlying theme . . . drugs, alcohol and addiction.  

The death of Amy Winehouse this week brings yet another story of a young talented person whose story of success and fame and finally "making it" in a tough industry was not enough . . . drugs, alcohol and addiction rears its ugly head again.  How sad!

Money, success and fame . . . what does it really get you?  Expensive stuff, traveling and addiction?  Apparently not peace, love and happiness . . . rather the path to self-destruction made easier with lots of money.

It got me to thinking that we need to hear about happy success stories . . . those who have attained all they set out to accomplish and considered successful . . . along with a happy life.  I'm thinking about doing a series about those people.  We need some positive news . . . don't you think?


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Intangible Hearts said...

Gina, I worked all my life in the very depressing newspaper business where every front page had a killing an accident or some child rapist etc.
Every day I had to appear thrilled to work there-and almost everyday I said that someday I dream of writing a happy, humorous newspaper full of good news and of course everyone told me no one would buy it. True. That is why my blog is free. :) Great post and I am saddened by Amy Winehouse and feel that addiciton is a horrible escape from reality. Fortunately most of us have normal addictions like comfort food and bad television!

Gina Alfani said...

OMG working in the newspaper business would have made me want to scream without ceasing! Although the mental health industry was not any better . . .

Cheers for comfort food and bad television!