Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's Up America?

It started as compassion for an innocent little girl whose life was brutally cut short and the mystery with all its drama surrounding it.  We don't understand the behavior of  hoochie mama Casey Anthony having a good ole time as her child was "missing" . . . and we obsessively wanted her to pay for her sins.

The jury made their decision whether we, as a collective society, agree with their decision or not.  It is the American way . . . the way our judicial system works.  It is done!  She got away with whatever she did. 

The media went way overboard with the coverage . . . I'm sick to death of hearing about this woman who exhibits extremely bizarre behavior.  They have made her a celebrity superstar that has gone beyond the court room and the verdict.

They can't let go of the story . . . now it is all about the speculation of "where is she?" . . . reports of Casey sightings remind me of Elvis sightings from fans in denial of his death.  The obsession with this habitual liar is making me sick.  O.M.G.  The reports of lucrative offers going out to her . . . SHE'S A LIAR . . . who cares what she has to say or what story she will spin?  Apparently the American public does or the media would not be in this frenzy.  We are a sick society.  I could not believe that strangers would actually send her their hard earned money . . . she left jail with approximately $500 worth of donations.

It's all about the money . . . but what about society's hunger for the sensationalism that is the driving force of the whole thing.  What's up with that?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!  But wait . . . stay tuned for the civil lawsuits where she will have to speak under oath . . .

Just had to vent a little . . .

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