Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fawk You Friday

This is my first week participating in the blog hop/meme Fawk You Friday . . . a weekly venting session!

The good news is TGIF . . . the weekend is almost here . . . now for the venting :)

Fawk you politics . . . I'm sick of all the bickering and propaganda!  The world economy is in trouble . . . at this point just find a way to get along and FIX IT . . .

Fawk you stress . . . you are on my last nerve!

Fawk you sinus problems . . . I seriously need to get some stuff done and you are keeping me from feeling well enough to do it . . .

Fawk you to the stuff that needs to be done . . . where is that magic wand?

Fawk you to the awful cold or flu that my mom has . . . it scares me when she gets so sick . . .

Fawk you to having my days and nights mixed up!!

Fawk you wedding plans . . . I'm ready to get married at the court house like I wanted to do to begin with!

Fawk you if you are offended by my post . . . I needed to vent!

Thank you to My Mad Mind for hosting this blog hop/meme :)  If you would like to join in, click on the logo to check it out and see who else is venting . . .


Got big plans for the weekend?  

The Captain and I are definitely going to Busch Gardens this weekend so we can start building up our endurance for a walking marathon we will be participating in benefitting diabetes research.  It feels good to know that not only will we be doing the healthy thing for ourselves, we will be doing good for others. 

Have an awesome Friday!


Christy said...

If you find your magic wand, can I borrow it for a while? Insomnia has been getting the better of me too. It just sucks!

Gina Alfani said...

LOL that magic wand is never around when you need it! Sure you can borrow it :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

great fawks. I look forward to getting things off my chest every week on here.

Shy said...

Totally not offended, in fact i enjoyed reading it, fawk you suckishly life, and fawk yah politics, fawk you taxes hehehe, My first time to joing this meme. its fun fawking fifol

Anonymous said...

I agree on the politics note. The country is jacked up-someone just fix it please!

My boys are having major sinus issues too. Tis the Season, I guess.

Thanks for linking up with us this week. New follower.

Intangible Hearts said...

Congratulations on the wedding plans. Wow. Awesome. Your post is cracking me up. Also good luck with diabetes research walk.

Janet Gardner said...

Congratulations on your engagement, I'm so happy for you and the Captain! I love fawk you friday, I need to join in, cause it is a healthy thing to vent IMO LOL!
Take Care,
Janet :)

Gina Alfani said...

Venting is a healthy thing . . . I need to participate more often!

Running off and getting married is also a good thing . . . wish I would have remembered that! :)

Thank you all for visiting and commenting :)