Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our new beginning!

The Captain and I were married yesterday . . . now I can finally relax.  It was a beautiful and spiritual wedding ceremony at my mom's house in the presence of immediate family and long time friends who are considered family.  We wrote our own vows and my Aunt Sandra read the blessings.  My brother came well stocked with champagne and the toasts went on for a while . . . very special and touching!

The theme was tropical . . . everyone was dressed in mainly hawaiian shirts . . . the wedding cake was so cute, complete with palm trees and colorful flip flops that are refrigerator magnets.  

Although I quit drinking liquor a year or so ago, when I arrived at my mom's house, I had to have a drink to calm down a bit.  My legs were shaking so badly . . . being the center of attention makes me very nervous.  Having to speak in front of a group is a form of torture.  But I made sure that the vows I wrote were short and sweet.

All in all, it was a very special day, one of the most beautiful days of my life.  It was really awesome to see those friends and family I hadn't seen in a while . . . and the most awesome is being The Captain's wife!


Janet Gardner said...

Janet :)

Pearl said...

Congratulations! :-)