Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sensational news and hurricanes

Bless their hearts, they can't help it . . . the news people at The Weather Channel have been salivating over  Hurricane Irene . . . they can't hide that gleam in their eyes.  It is what they are all about . . . they live for bad weather!  The Captain and I found their elation amusing the other day as I left it on the channel to monitor the storm since I was so worried it would cancel our wedding plans.

Really, this is a serious storm!  I've been through many hurricanes and tropical storms and have had to endure DAYS without power . . . if you are in the path of this storm, please be prepared.  Don't stay home if you are advised to evacuate!

Back to the Weather Channel . . . this morning Al Roker and his sidekick are reporting from the beach IN THE DARK.  I didn't catch exactly where they are reporting from, but I'm assuming somewhere on the coast of North Carolina.  Why not the Bahamas where the storm is relentless at the moment?  Perhaps it was already too dangerous to travel to that area.  

On a serious note, I'm really concerned for the Bahamas and hope the residents had somewhere else to go.  My prayers have been with them . . .

All this brings back memories of Dan Rather (many many years ago) clinging to a pole as a hurricane literally swept him off his feet . . . anything for a sensational story.  I'm wondering if he ever did that again . . . can't remember!

The countdown is on for our wedding and the jitters have gotten the best of me!  In a few days I'll be a wife again :)  I'm so happy!!

Peace, love and happiness to all . . . if you are in the path of the storm, please take care!


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