Saturday, September 3, 2011

Silly me . . .

I'm celebrating my first week as The Captain's wife :-) . . . yes, it is ok to call me a romantic fool because I am!

We have spent most of the week sitting in governmental agency offices . . . officially changing my name.  WOW I had forgotten about all the bureaucratic red tape involved with getting married.  And we still aren't done.

By far the biggest nightmare was updating my driver's license.  OMG . . . it took HOURS of sitting and waiting and then the process itself was very ponderous.  Good thing I'm organized and was ready with more than enough paperwork . . . each piece of paper was scrutinized and then verified by yet another person.  By the time they took my photo for the new license, I felt like a criminal taking a mug shot.

Trying to get a fishing license proved to be yet another ponderous procedure although it was the same office, same computer system . . . however, being that only SOME of my paperwork is in my new name and their database had not yet updated . . . NO FISHING LICENSE after sitting and waiting for another period of time and then trying to get it processed.

We spent all afternoon in that one office . . . and I'm not the most patient person, especially without a cigarette all that time!

I would do it all again . . . I love being The Captain's wife :)  

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend everybody!


Intangible Hearts said...

Congratulations Mrs. Captain. No more Alfani, huh? LOL Looks like you have to change your blog too!

Gina Alfani said...

LOL!!! That is what he said :)

Mrs. Captain thanks you very much!!

Pearl said...

COngratulations Mrs. Captain! Gina it's wonderful to know you got married:-) God bless your marriage.

Gina Alfani said...

Mrs. Captain thanks you so much Pearl :)