Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rearranging my life

The Captain and I have been moving furniture around and everything is scrambled around . . . but it is progress!

Call it a phase, but I'm going through blogging boredom again.  With all that needs to be done around the house with redecorating and rearranging, I'm not going to have the extra time to spend on the computer.  So, I'm rearranging my life too and concentrate more on life away from the computer.  I'll still be blogging and participating on Entrecard and Adgetize, just not as much.

I'm really getting into making plans on painting and coming up with unique storage ideas . . . my blog LaBelladiva will be seeing more action on my own projects as well as those that peak my interest in Bloggerville.  It is what has caught my attention . . . maybe it is spring fever a couple of seasons off.

A thought occurred to me today as we were moving stuff around . . . isn't it ironic how one chore leads to another?  I've written at length at how bad of a procrastinator I am.  With all the research I have done on the subject, the one thing that came up over and over is "just do it."  Just getting the projects started is all the motivation I needed.

My next post will include a listing of new posts . . . 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :)


Intangible Hearts said...

Funny how the furniture disarray is reflecting how you currently feel about blogging. Don't worry things will settle down soon!

Gina Alfani said...

A disarray it is . . . jumbled surroundings equals a jumbled mind :)