Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's going on!

After all these years, I've been called for jury duty.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  For one thing, I have been disappointed with our judicial system for a very long time, and feel like it will be an enormous waste of time and way too much effort.  We'll see what happens with my new adventure . . . I would love to participate in it.  All that said . . . I'm not real happy about it since I have not been feeling well and don't know if I am even up to it.  The Wall Street protests have spread to Tampa and I will be right in the middle of it . . . ugh!

RIP Steve Jobs . . . another life taken way too soon.  His amazing contributions to technology and society in general left their mark on the world.  Who knows what could have been if he would have lived a long and healthy life . . . he will be missed.

The Wall Street protesters have started something that is growing like a rampant disease, spreading from one city to the next.  It may have started off peacefully, but this is not going to end well . . . especially now that the unions are participating.  Scary times we are living in!

What a relief that the media has finally resigned to the fact that Sarah Palin and Chris Christie will not be presidential candidates.  The media have been like a very nosy woman trying to find out a secret, rather than focusing on what is really going on.  Looking forward to Chris Christie as a presidential candidate in the future . . . love his style!

I'm almost ready to jump on the CainTrain :)  

Check out my blog, My Florida Paradise, for a series of posts featuring our adventures in Tampa.  The Captain is discovering his new home and all that it has to offer through my memories and getting out there experiencing my diverse hometown.  We have been all over the place and have only just begun!  

My series on Vintage Disney is still in the works and coming soon, but it is taking lots of time going through decades of photos.

Hope you are all smiling about something . . . peace, love and happiness to all :)


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Intangible Hearts said...

I get called and picked for jury duty every year. Just go with the flow--it will be over before you know it and you'll have done your civic duty too.