Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone . . . where does the time go?  I've been going through a bit of reflection this morning, thinking about where I've been, where I am in life and pondering on what the future has to offer.  New Years Eve always takes me back and moves me forward all at the same time.

Personally, it was one of the most awesome years after almost a decade of awful miserable years since JR died.  This was the year I truly moved on with my life and married my new love, The Captain.  He has changed my life in so many ways . . . and it is all good.  I was blessed with the most perfect man for me!

It was the year that I quit working in the "real world" . . . again.  Next year will be the year I start doing freelance projects . . . again.  Although I loved my last job, it confirmed what I already knew . . . I don't tolerate office politics well!  I'm at my best professionally when I can sit behind my computer and not be bothered with petty stuff that gets in the way of work and productivity.

This was the year that I got confirmation from another specialist that the condition of my knees will not be getting better.  I need knee replacements for both knees.  The sight of needles makes me feel like passing out . . . I'm not looking forward to what is coming up for me . . . two surgeries and two hospital stays . . . rehabilitation and physical therapy.  The good news is that I should be as good as new . . . can you say Bionic Woman?  Of course I am putting it off . . . I can still walk . . .

After more than ten years, I was finally ready for another baby girl to love.  We recently adopted a beautiful little kitty from the animal shelter.  Mimi is settling into her new life very nicely and has added so much to our growing family.  We will be adopting a dog soon . . . hopefully another beagle girl like my sweet Betsy who passed away 12 years ago.  She was so special . . . it took me this long to be ready for another furbaby after losing her.

My plan for the new year is to focus on my home and family . . . it is so awesome to have the chance to start a new life after living a full and happy life that seems like a lifetime ago.  New beginnings all the way around!  Life has come full circle for me . . .

Happy New Year to everyone . . . have a festive and safe holiday!  Don't drink and drive!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Weekend

It was a wonderful Christmas weekend, mainly relaxing . . . except that Mimi brought a little drama into my life that I wasn't ready for!

Mimi is my first cat, except for Willie the neighborhood cat who comes to visit on occasion.  I didn't know that they love to hide.  We left the door open to our office that is more like a storage room at the moment, with boxes and stuff stacked haphazardly here and there with no organization.  Mimi decided to get lost in that room for almost the whole day.  It was Christmas Eve . . . needless to say we didn't make it to the big family Christmas party . . . I was so stressed out over the whole thing and so tired after moving boxes around just to make sure she didn't die in a sea of boxes.  I was having visions of her trapped under boxes.

My knees have not been the same since that day of moving all that stuff around.  The good news is that there is now a path to the back of the room and the door can finally be closed.  Mimi will not be getting lost in that room again!

We spent a very pleasant and relaxing Christmas afternoon with my mom, brother and his family.  

How was your Christmas weekend?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas

Today has been a very special day!

The Captain and I decided that it was time to bring
a sweet baby cat into our lives for Christmas.  After
checking out the photos on the local animal shelter
website, we picked out which baby we wanted and
called to make sure she was still available before
driving out there.

The animal shelter was a very busy place today with
all the moms and dads looking to bring a sweet little 
pet home for the holidays.  We were there for hours,
but it was such a pleasant place to be with all the
happy families leaving with their new babies.

It was love at first sight (or was it second sight?) when
they took us to Mimi's cage for a visit.  She came to
us with no problem, didn't mind being handled and
has the cutest little face.  I'll be taking photos and
posting them soon.

Mimi is 1 1/2 years old and has the prettiest green
eyes, black and brown fur with a white chest and feet.
She is a beautiful kitty on the smallish side, very well
behaved and not freaked out with her new surroundings.
I love the way she clung to me on the drive home :)

Christmas definitely came early and we are so
happy with the new addition to our family!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Video Christmas Card from The Captain and Me

Last year's video was very spiritual, so this year I thought I would do something different and focus on the magic of believing in Santa and chose a beautiful non-traditional Christmas song performed by Melanie Thornton, one of my favorite musicians with one of the most beautiful voices I ever heard who left this earth way too soon ten years ago in a plane crash.  Celebrate life . . . it is way too short!

Where does the time go? This year flew by. It seems like yesterday I was creating last year's Video Christmas Card. I think the older one gets, the faster the days go by. What's up with that?

I'll probably be taking on a large freelance project that will take a big chunk of my computer time.  It will be nice to do something different, yet so familiar.  The extra money will come in handy to resurrect The Paradise to its former glory and let someone else do the work.  The second opinion from a specialist was not good and confirmed that I am in need of two knee replacements.  Not a good time to be gardening and re-landscaping this large property.  Oh well, at least I can still walk!

Check out my other blogs for lots of new posts . . . I've been so bad about listing new posts on this blog!  Before taking on the freelance project, I'll be adding RSS feeds to the sidebar.  Setting up advertising on my website and blogs has taken up lots of time . . . and of course I am still playing around with my new computer goodies.

Life is awesome!  What are you guys up to?