Sunday, October 7, 2012

Personal choices and a food police rant!

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was Mayor Bloomberg of NYC having a major hissie fit over the size of sodas.  I can't believe they actually passed the law . . . outlawing drinks being sold over a "certain size".  Isn't that a personal choice?

Last week I heard that they are gonna start installing cameras at school trash bins so they can "catch" those who are throwing away their "healthy lunches."  If they have the food in their possession, didn't they pay for it?  Isn't it a personal choice to eat it or not?  How much is the spying  going to cost the taxpayers?  Where will it end?

The United States of America is starting to look like something I don't recognize.  Am I in the middle of a nightmare or did I wake up and socialism has taken over?  "Big Brother" is alive and well . . . and watching us!!

It isn't because I don't think we have a problem with obesity in this country, especially with children starting off their lives with unhealthy choices, but . . . CHOICE and FREEDOM are the optimum words here.

In the case of the Mayor of NYC being bothered by the size of a soda, not only does it interfere with personal choice, but it also interferes with the way retailers sell their products.  What are they supposed to do with the stockpiles of  supplies purchased in order to offer that "certain size" . . . too bad, suck it up to a business loss, thinks the powers that be.  Something is not right here!! 

Their lame answer is that you can purchase multiples of the smaller size!!  Those who want to consume more will do so anyway, so WTH did you accomplish except to waste a lot of time and money having your hissie fit?

As bad as the economy has been, why are we making it a little more difficult to run a business that involves food?  Corporations like McDonalds have cultivated their marketing endeavors for decades and all of a sudden, government has invaded their board rooms.  The poor "happy meal" has been deemed evil by the food police!!  One of the most successful marketing endeavors demonized.  What is wrong with this picture?

Back to the school lunchroom . . . the government is wasting money on food that is not being consumed because it is not what the consumers want.  Hopefully they are at least donating what is not bought to homeless shelters.

In my opinion, the answer is education, not taking away choices.  It is not about unhealthy eating being a good or bad thing . . . it is about PERSONAL FREEDOM AND CHOICES!

I don't even want to get started on the health insurance industry and their role in all of this!

What if the kooky people decide that unhealthy eating is good and force it on us?  I know what I just said is far-fetched, but not so long ago, I would have thought that McDonald's having to defend the happy meal was way far-fetched in our society of free enterprise.

Wake up America . . . we don't need these people making choices for us.  Isn't it our right to have the FREEDOM to make our own choices?

ahhhhh yes I feel better now . . . I think I'll have a huge Pepsi while I can still  drink what I want to drink in my own home :)


Intangible Hearts said...

Gina, I agree and I sure hope others do too!

Gina Alfani said...

Sometimes I wonder if society in general are even paying attention!

Anonymous said...

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Gina Alfani said...

Thanks Randy! I put two of your links on my blogs Mimi Tails and Fabulous Frugalista :)