Friday, November 9, 2012

Sweet Kiki

The photo quality is awful, however, I had to grab the camera as I was sitting at the computer to capture the moment of the sweet face . . . what an awesome personality!

Kiki was adopted in March and it seems like she has been with me all my life.  It is amazing how much joy and love a pet can bring.

She and Mimi Luna the cat are growing closer . . . well, at least the hissing and barking isn't a 24/7 episode to deal with.  They are tolerating each other, but I have noticed that they are sharing the couch more every day.  When Mimi is taking a nap in her cage, Mimi will come out looking for her.  The first thing Kiki does when she wakes up is go to the kitchen, close to the back room where Mimi likes to hang out.

The biggest problem is that Kiki is very playful and loves to chase Mimi . . . and it scares Mimi.  Poor little kitty!

One time when I was in the kitchen, I caught them rubbing noses.  How sweet is that?  

Hopefully they will soon be like sisters and the next pic will be one of them together!