Friday, January 4, 2013

Awesome beginnings

I've never been so happy to experience the beginning of a new year.  Personally and for the world in general, last year was awful!

Motivation to write for my blogs escaped me last year . . . there was just too much happening on many levels.  Slowly but surely, my writing mojo is coming back.  I knew it would . . .

Lately, my heart and soul has been into my blog Peace, Love, Happiness and back into my journey of self-awareness.

My artistic mojo is back and my online store will be reopening soon . . . so much to do!!

The new year started off with some good news and I just see it as a sign of a fabulous new year to come.

Happy New Year . . . hope your new year has started off right too!!


Intangible Hearts said...

Happy New Year Gina. I think 2012 was tough for all bloggers for one reason or another. Here's to the power of 13!

Gina Alfani said...

Happy New Year to you too!!

The demise of two blogger networks contributed toward the tough year for bloggers. I was a member of both Adgetize and Entrecard, made many friends through the networks and it is difficult to keep up with the blogging activity without a structured approach. At least that has been my experience!

Thanks for visiting and commenting :)