Friday, April 26, 2013

The revolving door of life

Sometimes life seems to be a series of revolving events.

Evil has reared its ugly head again in the United States.  We hear about bombings all over the world daily, but when it hits home, they become scary.  The people who would just kill for the sake of killing, the more the better, are of a particular mindset that is warped and twisted.  I often wonder what triggers a mind to become so deviant.  Then I saw the mother of the terrorist brothers on the news the other day.  Her perception of reality is totally whacked out.  No wonder her children grew up so screwed up.

The world I grew up in with all of its innocence is still fresh on my mind since Annette passed away.  She was one of my heroines . . . such a sweet teenager who grew up to be a classy lady and an inspiration for the rest of us who grew up in her time of popularity.  There is such a lack of great ladies in our world for little girls growing up to look up to.  Modern day heroines are whores, drunks and junkies who are in and out of jail.  The way to success seems to start with a sex tape.

I'm so sad for the current world we live in . . . at least I have memories of those innocent times.  What do little girls growing up now have?  Hopefully good parents . . .

One of my long time internet buddies recently passed away.  Online friends are so special . . . at least they have been for me.  The friendship between Pat and I started back in the day of Yahoo 360 blogs.  

It was a short time after JR died and I got the most comfort out of writing and I stumbled upon the world of blogs.  Other bloggers became my support system through some very rough times.  Many of us have kept in touch through a series of changes in social media . . . Pat was one of them.  

She had just realized one of her dreams and it makes me so sad that she didn't get to fully enjoy it . . . although she made it there.  The world is a little emptier without her awesome recipes, decorating skills and awesome personality . . . she was always a supportive friend and an inspiration to me and so many others.  RIP Pat . . . I guess God needed a great chef and hostess in heaven.  I'll be sharing some of her recipes through my food blog.

On a lighter note . . . the furbabies were sitting around with us this morning.  Mimi the cat and Kiki the dog are finally able to be in the same room.  They are even able to sit on the bed and visit with us at the same time.  For the first time this morning, I heard Mimi growl.  I didn't know that cats growled!  Kiki tends to play a little rough and it scares Mimi.  I think Kiki knows it and likes to intimidate poor Mimi.  Well, Mimi had enough this morning and was doing this weird little combination of growling, hissing and swatting.  I can't wait for the day that these two can live in peace with each other, but this morning's episode was funny in an odd sort of way!

I've gotten back into writing and hope you check out some of my other blogs!

Happy Friday . . . have a wonderful weekend :)

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