Friday, May 10, 2013

Sickos and liars among us

The news continues to disturb me.

Judging by today's White House Press Conference, the main stream media is finally waking up and becoming upset with being lied to by the administration it has shamelessly defended.  That is the only good news of the day . . . there is hope.

I don't care what side of the political fence you sit on . . . being lied to is disturbing.

If the lies aren't bad enough, the IRS has been caught playing Sneaky Pete, targeting and intimidating certain groups.  Isn't that against the law?  This news tidbit is not going away soon . . . and rightfully so.  Just like being a liar, deceitful politics is just as disturbing.

Open your eyes America . . . we are being lied to on a daily basis!

Then we have the latest sicko . . . the pervert who abducted three girls and robbed them of being "normal" young adults.  Chained, leashed and naked in the back yard?  A young girl giving birth to a child in a little swimming pool in the house without the benefit of a doctor?  Threatening to kill one of the other girls who assisted with the birth if the child dies?  It sounds unbelievable . . . and it makes me sick that we live among these type of people and don't even know it.  There is a special place in hell for that man!

Don't get me started on that Jodi chick who slaughtered her boyfriend . . . I'm sick of seeing her smug face and all the attention the media is giving her.  

I need a vacation where there is nothing but sunshine, chocolate and rainbows!

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