Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just another year

Another year is coming to an end.  I think this year has flown by faster than any other year I have experienced.  Time flies by when you are having fun.

Another month is almost over and we are still without running water.  For sure it has proved to be interesting having to live like this.  At least we have managed "for the most part" to maintain a sense of humor through the whole ordeal.  I wrote a post on my blog Peace, Love, Happiness about "Teetering on the Edge" of sanity and insanity.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is the saying that comes to mind.

Actually, we are feeling rather grateful these days with all the news being the disaster of Obamacare and the nightmare stories of families losing their health care coverage and having to replace what they had with an over the top and budget busting expense that came as a complete shock.  I've officially turned off the 24/7 news cycle from Fox News in favor of the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel.  

Sometimes you have to turn off reality to give the mind some space to wander somewhere other than problems and bad news.

I'm actually looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family this year.  Since my brother's family has been in transition moving to another state and the kids scattering from one place to another, the normal holiday routine has been off the past year or so.  My food blog, Gina's Italian Kitchen, has been a busy place since I've been in the festive holiday menu mode in anticipation of the big pig out day.  Check out my Thanksgiving post with lots of links to recipes and awesome holiday inspiration.

As most of the country is dealing with snow and cold weather, we are enjoying a very pleasant, mild autumn with lower humidity.  I'm feeling so blessed to have been born and deeply rooted in Florida!

Hoping everything is wonderful in your world!

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