Saturday, November 26, 2016

Domestic Goddess?


Ranting alert about cable television food, home and gardening programming!
I long for the days when Martha Stewart was the domestic goddess and the emphasis was on making our house a home.  With the exception of the food channels, it seems like the tide has turned to real estate, demolishing homes and rebuilding them.  While I enjoy seeing how they turn a disaster into beauty, I really miss the gardening shows, the crafty kind of shows and the interior decorating shows. Remember Christopher Lowell or Debbie Travis?  Loved those shows that taught us how to make such awesome stuff for our homes.
The food channels have even ventured away from “normal” programming of good old fashioned cooking shows that I love so much.  Now it is mostly about game shows and a combination of travel and food . . . finding a great place to eat (if you are into travelling).
At least I have the internet for all those homey kind of things that I love.  There are many websites and blogs online dedicated to the home.  In fact, I have a website page dedicated to those websites.  That page will be undergoing a major renovation to include all the new discoveries I have made, but you can find my old favorites like Christopher Lowell and Debbie Travis on that page.  Click on the graphic to go there . . .

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