Friday, November 25, 2016

Peace, Love, Happiness and the Blahs

Originally posted April 2014 

The big ugly monster . . . I hate him (yes, to me he is a male). His name is THE BLAHS!!

Seriously, I truly believe we all get them. For sure I wish I didn’t know this guy!

Anyway, depression, anxiety and restlessness have been an ongoing battle for me. When I write about my mental health problems, I do so not just to help me, but to help others who perhaps feel they are alone in their battle.

One of the tools a former psychotherapist introduced me to is journaling. I choose to do most of my journaling in the form of blog posts for my blog Peace, Love, Happiness.

The blog was born out of a need to write about the grief I was experiencing following the death of my spouse in addition to my depression related illnesses. It has evolved through the years, however, the theme remains the same and is universal . . . we all want Peace, Love and Happiness in our lives. The blog explores those three little words.

My mental health reference page goes along with the blog. Sometimes it is important to do research, find an organization, forum, find out more about prescription medications we have been prescribed or just understand what we are experiencing in greater detail. The internet has presented us with a wealth of information!

The blahs doesn’t mean you have a chronic mental illness. Sometimes coping with life will present us with a bad case of the blahs. Actually, in my opinion, you are not normal if you have never experienced the blahs.

Want to read some of my posts specifically about “the blahs?” . . . click here.

And yes, you guessed it, “the blahs” come to mind since I am being visited by the monster. The Captain and I have both been fighting the battle of a stomach virus that does not want to go away . . . at the same time, a toothache has decided to show it’s ugly head too. Blah, blah, blah!!!

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