Monday, October 9, 2017

Disasterous month!

It has been a month since I was home.  Looking back, the whole experience just seems so surreal, like a nightmarish dream.

Something told me to make reservations to evacuate from Hurricane Irma.  I had never done that in the 34 years I've lived there.  My intuition was speaking loudly and I paid attention and decided not to wait since the rooms were going fast.

After two stays at motels, we have settled at my mom's house.  Just when everything seems to be falling into place, the van decides it wants to give us a hard time, making it difficult for The Captain to go back home to deal with contractors placing bids so we can hurry up and submit our appeal to FEMA, who turned down our initial request for assistance.  They said our house is habitable.

There is a tree on the house, leaving gaping holes in the roof, smashing the life out of it more and more as the days pass with storms coming and going.

Anyway, I have written all about this in my blog My Florida Paradise.

I try not to let it get to me, but I have no idea when I can go back home.  Everything was "normal" one day and the next day we were homeless.  It sure is a creepy feeling being so out of control and having to gather as much faith as you can to make getting through it tolerable.

Writing my blog posts have been the last thing on my mind, although I have managed to write a few.  

I'm having to rebuild my Etsy store since I don't have all of my inventory and just want to offer what I can get my hands on immediately.  The Crows Nest is currently in vacation mode until I can get the inventory under control.

All in all I'm still very grateful we did not stay at home to ride out the storm.  That huge tree on the house had to make it feel as if the house was crashing down.  I would have had a heart attack!  The Captain has spared me from seeing the damage and also fears the house is not structurally sound enough to be going in and out regularly.  He also wants me to be safe . . . how sweet!

Actually, the stay at the first motel was very pleasant since early on we knew the hurricane would not hit us at Category 5.  I'll be writing about that experience and the people we ran into along the journey.  The motel was also home to large tree trimming crews, cable people and some from various electric companies . . . along with other evacuees like us from all over Florida.

Count your blessings . . . I always think of the people in Puerto Rico who have truly been devastated and many are still without electricity, food and money with no end in sight.  There is always a situation bleaker than the one you are currently experiencing . . . that is what I think about a lot which helps me keep my head on straight and not totally freak out.

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