Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Catching Up

Crows Nest Jewels has reopened and we are currently running a sale through the month of January . . . 25% off over $25.00 orders, no coupon necessary!

We still haven't moved back home.  The tree is finally off the house, however, there is a gaping hole that needs replacing and some supports that cracked.   So much needs to be done before the house is ready to move in.  I'm beyond frustrated and my patience is running thin.  We have been staying with my mom since September, when Hurricane Irma decided to drop a tree on our house.

I'm keeping busy with the store, making new jewelry and learning new jewelry making techniques.  Keeping busy keeps me sane!

The blogs and my website haven't had a real update in quite some time and I plan on getting some updates done soon.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

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