Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I'm back?

Could it be there IS a light at the end of the tunnel?   I think I'm back . . .

Tomorrow's work at the house is plumbing stuff that we failed inspection on for homeowners insurance that is necessary to receive the balance of our disaster relief loan from the SBA.

Before we had the inspection, we thought they would be happy that we have a brand new roof and had no idea they would fail us so miserably . . . but no . . . as it turns out, it has taken half of the money we have left to receive.  Most of it went to electrical work.   Thank God we have had the money to fix what had to be done in order to pass inspection.

I was shocked to find out that our house was an accident waiting to happen with the way it was wired.  The Captain hinted at the potential problems, but I guess he didn't want to alarm me.  We were lucky the house didn't burn down when the tree came down during the hurricane.  The Captain had the insight to turn off the electricity when we evacuated.  Good thing he did!

Does all this explain my depression and lack of interest in just about everything?  

I was feeling hopeless and still do to a certain extent, but at least this part of it is almost done.  When we pass the inspection I will be feeling a whole lot better, even though we may not have enough to fix the back room after having the unexpected inspection repairs.  

This too shall pass . . .

Today is the first day that I had an interest in checking the email account that has all my subscriptions to those websites I like to use for blogging.  Imagine my surprise to find 55,911 unread emails!  So, I dove in and started posting articles to my blogs again.  It was encouraging to have the desire return to do something that I once loved so much.

I can finally say that I feel remnants of my old life coming back.  One day at a time . . . one moment at a time . . . do what it takes to put one foot in front of the other and keep it going.  Depression can be a bitch for sure!

Prayers are appreciated!

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