Friday, July 13, 2018

Optimistic Beginnings

This past year has taken me through some weird changes and that has not been a good thing!  Because of that, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a renewed spirit and a feeling of optimistic beginnings, like I am entering a new phase of this adventure in life.

I've begun writing new blog posts again and have many ideas for upcoming entries.  Check out Gina Alfani's Facebook Fan Page to keep up with new entries!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I'm back?

Could it be there IS a light at the end of the tunnel?   I think I'm back . . .

Tomorrow's work at the house is plumbing stuff that we failed inspection on for homeowners insurance that is necessary to receive the balance of our disaster relief loan from the SBA.

Before we had the inspection, we thought they would be happy that we have a brand new roof and had no idea they would fail us so miserably . . . but no . . . as it turns out, it has taken half of the money we have left to receive.  Most of it went to electrical work.   Thank God we have had the money to fix what had to be done in order to pass inspection.

I was shocked to find out that our house was an accident waiting to happen with the way it was wired.  The Captain hinted at the potential problems, but I guess he didn't want to alarm me.  We were lucky the house didn't burn down when the tree came down during the hurricane.  The Captain had the insight to turn off the electricity when we evacuated.  Good thing he did!

Does all this explain my depression and lack of interest in just about everything?  

I was feeling hopeless and still do to a certain extent, but at least this part of it is almost done.  When we pass the inspection I will be feeling a whole lot better, even though we may not have enough to fix the back room after having the unexpected inspection repairs.  

This too shall pass . . .

Today is the first day that I had an interest in checking the email account that has all my subscriptions to those websites I like to use for blogging.  Imagine my surprise to find 55,911 unread emails!  So, I dove in and started posting articles to my blogs again.  It was encouraging to have the desire return to do something that I once loved so much.

I can finally say that I feel remnants of my old life coming back.  One day at a time . . . one moment at a time . . . do what it takes to put one foot in front of the other and keep it going.  Depression can be a bitch for sure!

Prayers are appreciated!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Progress . . .

Since my last post many months ago, we finally have major progress . . . we now have a brand new beautiful roof on our house!

We still have a way to go before we are able to move in, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen.

Hopefully I will return to my normal posting schedule, but I am honestly so depressed that it is really difficult to continue on as if nothing is wrong.  At times it feels like everything is wrong!  The good news is that I am starting to feel better . . .

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Catching Up

Crows Nest Jewels has reopened and we are currently running a sale through the month of January . . . 25% off over $25.00 orders, no coupon necessary!

We still haven't moved back home.  The tree is finally off the house, however, there is a gaping hole that needs replacing and some supports that cracked.   So much needs to be done before the house is ready to move in.  I'm beyond frustrated and my patience is running thin.  We have been staying with my mom since September, when Hurricane Irma decided to drop a tree on our house.

I'm keeping busy with the store, making new jewelry and learning new jewelry making techniques.  Keeping busy keeps me sane!

The blogs and my website haven't had a real update in quite some time and I plan on getting some updates done soon.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Disasterous month!

It has been a month since I was home.  Looking back, the whole experience just seems so surreal, like a nightmarish dream.

Something told me to make reservations to evacuate from Hurricane Irma.  I had never done that in the 34 years I've lived there.  My intuition was speaking loudly and I paid attention and decided not to wait since the rooms were going fast.

After two stays at motels, we have settled at my mom's house.  Just when everything seems to be falling into place, the van decides it wants to give us a hard time, making it difficult for The Captain to go back home to deal with contractors placing bids so we can hurry up and submit our appeal to FEMA, who turned down our initial request for assistance.  They said our house is habitable.

There is a tree on the house, leaving gaping holes in the roof, smashing the life out of it more and more as the days pass with storms coming and going.

Anyway, I have written all about this in my blog My Florida Paradise.

I try not to let it get to me, but I have no idea when I can go back home.  Everything was "normal" one day and the next day we were homeless.  It sure is a creepy feeling being so out of control and having to gather as much faith as you can to make getting through it tolerable.

Writing my blog posts have been the last thing on my mind, although I have managed to write a few.  

I'm having to rebuild my Etsy store since I don't have all of my inventory and just want to offer what I can get my hands on immediately.  The Crows Nest is currently in vacation mode until I can get the inventory under control.

All in all I'm still very grateful we did not stay at home to ride out the storm.  That huge tree on the house had to make it feel as if the house was crashing down.  I would have had a heart attack!  The Captain has spared me from seeing the damage and also fears the house is not structurally sound enough to be going in and out regularly.  He also wants me to be safe . . . how sweet!

Actually, the stay at the first motel was very pleasant since early on we knew the hurricane would not hit us at Category 5.  I'll be writing about that experience and the people we ran into along the journey.  The motel was also home to large tree trimming crews, cable people and some from various electric companies . . . along with other evacuees like us from all over Florida.

Count your blessings . . . I always think of the people in Puerto Rico who have truly been devastated and many are still without electricity, food and money with no end in sight.  There is always a situation bleaker than the one you are currently experiencing . . . that is what I think about a lot which helps me keep my head on straight and not totally freak out.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bad scares and time flying

It wasn't a good week!  My sweet Kiki fell back while trying to jump on the bed and hurt herself pretty bad.  We are guessing that she hit her head.  She trembled and could hardly walk, wouldn't eat or drink water.  It was nighttime and the vet wasn't open, so we decided to baby her and did a lot of praying.  Thank God, by morning she was better, but OMG she gave me such a scare!  I'm not ready to let this baby go . . .

Where has my life gone?  OK, so I'm giving up my age now.  I have to go to the air force base this week to get a new ID card since I will be eligible for Medicare.  What really upsets me is that Social Security will be taking out $130 out of my check that is already way too small for insurance that we were just paying $15 a month for.    Major bummer!

I've been left with that hopeless feeling that depression comes along with . . . I'm not ready to be this old and I came to the realization that my Kiki is getting old and I don't know what I would do without her, she's my baby.

My blogs have been neglected, although I have managed to write some new posts.  I'll update another time.  Peace Love and Happiness has been turned into a private blog . . . I'm not really anonymous anymore and I honesty wrote from my heart . . . too much information!

Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June already?

It has been a whirlwind of months!  Learning new jewelry design techniques, purchasing supplies, setting up new work areas, planning/designing new jewelry collections and getting ready to begin the next phase of our online store in general is taking up all of my time.  All of that and trying to keep up with the normal routine!

The Captain has continued to add to the garden and we are now enjoying the harvest of tomato and all types of peppers.  He will hopefully add some new articles to My Florida Paradise and Subtropical Gardening.  

Today I have started to get back to adding blog articles for a nice "normal routine" change.  No, we have not forgotten about Babyboomer Flashback!

Here are some new additions to the blogs . . .

Gina's Italian Kitchen


Subtropical Gardening

The year is flying by and I can't believe we are already in June . . . I swear we just saw the ball drop on New Years Eve like it was yesterday and now the year is half gone.  We have been enjoying wonderful Florida weather, although with the arrival of June came the thunderstorms like clockwork.  

Hope you are enjoying the weather in your part of the world!