Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rainy summer, falling trees and stuff

It has been a busy year that is flying by so fast!  I'm in the process of consolidating my websites with my blogs behind the scenes and learning advanced computer program coding to make the job easier for me.

Something that has really irritated me is the way music player/storage sites have been changing and messing up my blog posts that contain music.  YouTube has majorly contributed to messing up my music blog that I'm not sure if I am going to fix or not.  Every single post has been messed up by these music services.  Maybe I'll fix it in the future by making it a new addition to my website.

My current project has been fixing the music on my blog Peace, Love, Happiness.  It has proven to be a major project (although not as major as the music blog would be), but I am learning new ways of doing things.

The Captain and I are also working on our new online store.  Needless to say, there are not enough hours in the day!

Florida has had one of the most rainy summers I have ever experienced, keeping us inside and working on our computer projects.  Although we tried starting a vegetable garden, it has been nearly impossible . . . but we did manage to not kill different varieties of hot peppers that are starting to produce some very tasty peppers.

During one of the downpours, a huge limb from a very mature oak tree fell on our oversized storage shed.  We haven't checked out the damage inside . . . I'm almost scared to check it out.  One of the sections looks like an accordion that may have damaged some of the treasures we were planning to sell in our online store.  Thank God it missed our house and we are all safe!

So how is your summer going?


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