Friday, March 16, 2012

Tales from Kiki

It is amazing how this little doggie has changed my life.  She gives so much love and affection with lots of doggie kisses . . . but OMG she loves to chew anything she can get her paws on! 

She's torn up and tried to eat many of Mimi's cat toys . . . down to the bells!  It is a good thing that she lets me pull these things out of her mouth before she has the chance to swallow them.  I don't even want to think about what she has swallowed!

Her harness collar is now useless . . . yep, she chewed it up while it was on her.  I have no idea how she did that!

Actually, I thought that Mimi the cat was going to be the problem when we first brought Kiki home, but she just hides most of the time . . . still getting used to an inquisitive dog in the house.  Poor Mimi can't make a move without Kiki running to the gate at the sound of her bell.

It has been a nice change to have pets in the house again, even though they can be a challenge.  They bring so much love into a home!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Madness

That is how it has felt . . . pure madness!  

We have a new addition to our family, Kiki . . . a very cute, sweet and affectionate little border terrier.  She is all sweetness and love!

Of course Mimi the cat is not happy about Kiki's arrival.  There has been an abundance of hissing and barking, chasing and sneaking around on the part of my two little girls.  At least there has been a little progress since Mimi was in hiding for a few days.  Now she is curious, but apprehensive.  

I am thinking positively and hope that these two will soon be great friends, but at the moment, it is a bad case of sibling rivalry.  I'm never bored dealing with them, that is for sure!  Another thing that is for sure is that pets was the missing link in my life.

I haven't gotten much work done and it has been a great time to take a break from blogging and my websites.  Taking the time to focus on my new family is just what I have needed.  So . . . I decided that more time away from the computer is a good thing for me.

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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