Friday, April 29, 2011

Tell Me Why?

Maybe I'm just way out of the fashion scene lately, but I'm wondering who told these ladies that these hats are attractive?    

Why????  Posh Spice . . . with the little black thing with what looked like twigs hanging off of it . . . a hat that appeared to be falling off her head, topping off a slick back ponytail hairdo.  It was a bit weird! 

OMG . . . What were you ladies thinking wearing these things on your head?????

The assemblage of hats was in full force in London at the Royal Wedding!  Although I love hats and did see some that were what I considered very attractive and in good taste, the majority were laughable.  What is really amusing to me is that those hats cost what I would consider a fortune.

We had a good laugh wondering how many people got poked with these things as they made it through the gathering.

Seems like the popular choice was a thing that looked like a vinyl album with stuff stuck on it, worn on the side of the head . . . otherwise they would have to walk a mile between each other.

Click here for a slideshow from Fox News aptly titled "Mad Hatters" . . . just in case you didn't wake up before dawn to catch the royal festivities and missed the parade of hats . . .

It was such a beautiful and romantic wedding . . . the bride was beautiful in her elegant simplicity.

The following is a music video featuring an awesome song written and sung by Karla Bonoff with Linda Ronstadt singing backup that asks the question . . . Tell Me Why!!

Did you see the Royal Wedding?  I caught bits and pieces of it since I kept falling asleep, trying to stay awake.  Today has really been a lazy day and I know we will sleep like babies tonight.

Have an awesome Friday!


Flip Flop Fun

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moving in slow motion

Do you have a certain song that gets you moving?

We stayed up way too late last night and I'm having a difficult time getting going this morning.  Here it is, late morning and I haven't even made coffee yet.  I've plugged in one of my favorite "get moving" songs to get the mo going.

I have many favorite songs that get me going, but Give It 2 Me by Madonna is the first one that came to mind since I'm working on a blog post for my music blog, Gina's Music Memories, featuring some of my favorite Madonna songs.

Once again, the news of the day is somber with all the record breaking tornadoes that have been ravaging the United States.  They seem to get stronger by the day.  I couldn't believe the devastation as we watched the news this morning.  So many people with no home to go back to . . . just a pile of rubble.  No one is immune from the ravages of Mother Nature . . . scary.  

The home insurance industry has another excuse to rape us over hot coals.

On to happier news . . . I'm geared up to wake up at 4 in the morning to watch the Royal Wedding festivities. I did the same thing when Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married.  For me, it is the unfolding of a real-life fairy tale complete with a real prince and a future princess . . . it feeds my romantic side.  Hopefully this marriage will end up with a happy ending.  

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Not So Moody Monday

Rainy days and Mondays don't always get me down . . . it is another beautiful week!  To start off the new week, I'm participating in Makobi Scribe's Monday blog hop.  Click on the button to join in too and make some new blogger friends!

This Easter I contemplated peace . . . all that it means to me.  Although I try to keep heavy religious discussion out of my blogs, I am a strong Christian and the emphasis was on my spiritual side rather than Easter bunnies, Easter egg hunts and it was the first year I didn't get a chocolate bunny.  Easter means so much more to me than the commercialism, just like Christmas.  Having said that, I'm wondering if I can stay away from the half price sales on Easter candy . . .

With all the thinking and contemplation, I didn't get to write any new blog posts . . . life happens!

How was your Easter?  Hopefully the day was everything you planned it to be . . .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How about some blue-eyed soul and tropical surroundings?

I was so excited when I found the photo of what has been my vision for our new landscape.  Check out other photos I found for taking large areas of the garden and making them "maintenance friendly" on my gardening blog, Subtropical Gardening.  

It is so easy to imagine sitting in these surroundings listening to the awesome music of Daryl Hall.  If you are a fan of Daryl Hall like I am, you will enjoy the new post on my music blog, Gina's Music Memories.

Today was a lazy day after working outdoors the past couple of days.  Seems like every bone in my body hurts!  We had a blast going shopping for some new plants for the front yard and carport area and found some awesome bargains like a very pretty palm tree that I'd love to go back and get more.

All in all, it will be a lazy weekend.  We'll be spending tomorrow with family for Easter, going out for dinner!

Happy Easter everybody :)  Have a blessed day!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back from a busy week

We had our excitement for the week spending some time with Diamond Lil, who had a surgical procedure and needed a babysitter to make sure she was a good girl while she recovered for a few days.  After going through the anxiety-ridden no-smoking anywhere hospital thing that took way too long, it was great to get her back home.

While it was not a fun getaway, it was great to experience different surroundings and spend time with family.  Now that we are back home, the reward is relaxing behind the computer catching up a bit, spending lots of time continuing with the outdoor projects and enjoying this gorgeous Florida weather.

How is your week going?  Hopefully it has been more relaxed than mine has been!  I'll be catching up with everyone through the weekend . . .

Have an awesome day :)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Everything is beautiful

Beautiful weather, beautiful weekend . . . life is good!

It is going to be a very busy week for me and I won't be online much, if at all.  Too much to do without enough hours in the day, so the computer will be taking a back seat to life until everything is taken care of.

This year is flying by and I can't believe Easter has arrived.  The good news is that most of the out of town visitors leave around this time of year and getting around town is so much easier without all the tourist traffic.  We definitely look forward to acting like tourists ourselves very soon.  

I'm off to enjoy some Florida sunshine and get some stuff done around here.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The end of an era

I had heard the rumors . . . but I was still shocked when ABC made the announcement that All My Children and One Life to Live were going to end their decades-long run on daytime television. All that is left is General Hospital.  

It has been years since I freed myself from being hostage by what I called "my stories" . . . the writing had become extremely weak and constantly insulted my intelligence.  It became ponderous to watch a story that I could predict.  When they started writing the veterans off the show to bring in younger characters, I knew they were making a huge mistake.  Loyal followers to a daytime soap identify with the characters they have watched for decades.  It angered me and I quit watching although I somewhat kept the soap opera pages active on my website.  

Having said that, it still makes me sad to see their run come to an end.  The "Love in the Afternoon" era is over.  So what's next?  More boring judge shows, talk shows, game shows?  It has all been done before . . . the soaps had been a daily escape from reality that never ended for so many of us . . .

Since I quit watching the soaps, I've tried not to get overly involved in other continuing programs.  I do love Celebrity Apprentice and watch it whenever I remember it is on.  So I watched it tonight.  It occurred to me when Mark McGrath was fired that society in general loves a trainwreck . . . perhaps that is why Gary Bussey was not fired. It is all about ratings that dysfunctionality attracts. Same concept as following Charlie Sheen becoming America's favorite trainwreck.  Is this what we have come to as a society?  Glorifying the trainwreck . . . the more scandalous and dysfunctional, the better?  How sad.

Here's a video by Sugar Ray, featuring Mark McGrath . . . his run is over on Celebrity Apprentice :(

Hey . . . it's Friday!  Have an awesome weekend :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you followers :)

This is my favorite blog since it is a compilation of all of my blogs put together and a place for me to write random posts that don't fit in any of the other ones.  I am never at a loss of words!  

Thank you to all of my followers on GFC and Facebook for getting my new blog off the ground.  

Hopefully you will check out my other blogs and webspaces . . . click on the buttons at the sidebar of this blog to visit :)

There is always something not working correctly online to irritate me.  This time Blogger/GFC is randomly choosing blogs not to let me follow . . . what's up with that?  Sometimes I get an error message, sometimes I don't!

Musically, I have gotten stuck on the music of Roxette since the end of last week.  They are one of my favorite groups of all time.  One song in particular stuck in my head, so I created a new music video . . .

Since I posted one of my older music videos the other day, some of you mentioned you had not heard of Roxette and enjoyed the music . . . they are timeless . . . I love introducing new fans to their music!  Since my theme on my music blog has been favorite songs, I will be creating more music videos featuring my favorite songs from Roxette in the next week or so that will go with a blog post at Gina's Music Memories.  They will also be posted at my YouTube channel.

You may have noticed . . . I've cut back on my online activities to get some projects done around the house and as a result, my blogs are not being updated as often.  I'll be back to full speed soon . . .

Have a wonderful day :)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

"We don’t know what life will bring, 
so it is what we bring to life that matters."

Happy Friday!  Today is all about relaxing.  After a day of working outdoors and being away from the computer, I have been craving relaxation, listening to music and getting lost in cyberspace.  Life is good!

The music of Roxette is what I'm into today.  The following is a music video I created featuring one of my favorite Roxette songs for a mellow kind of mood. Check out Gina Alfani's YouTube Channel to check out most of the videos I have created . . . click on the button on the sidebar to get there.

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Have an awesome Friday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Awful Truth

Just like the ladies at Our Loonyverse, it is nothing against men . . . but this graphic was so cute, I just had to share it and participate in their linky.  Although I have met a few of these types in the past.  Stop by their blog if you would like to participate or just check out the entries from other bloggers.

What a gorgeous Florida day!  Diamond Lil and I spent the morning running some errands and went to the local cafe for some awesome cafe con leche and lunch.  There is something so special about your mom being your best friend . . . she's such an awesome lady and so much fun to be around. 

I came in to catch up on some computer stuff, but have changed into my comfy clothes and plan on going outside to work on my carport project and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

Hope you are all having an awesome day too :)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Get exposed!

Happy Monday!

There is nothing like sitting outside as night turns into day with a huge cup of coffee.  What a great way to start off the week . . . it was so invigorating to get out there, relax a little and work in the outdoors while the temps are still cool.  The carport area is going to be one awesome place to relax when it is completed . . . I'll be posting photos on my garden blog, Subtropical Gardening.

Hope your week has started off fabulously!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party!

It has been a while since I have participated in blog hops!  I was very happy to find the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party going on this week.  Click on the button to go to the host blog.  Blog hops are an awesome way to meet other bloggers and find great blogs out in Bloggerville.

To participate, add your blog to the linky on the host blog, then write a post about yourself and your blogs so everyone can get to know you.

As for me . . . I'm an obsessed blogger with many interests.  This is my home page blog to keep up with all of my blogs and other spaces on the web.

I'm a widow finally getting on with my life . . . I love cooking, gardening, music, crafts and DIY projects . . . I'm a jewelry designer, web and graphic designer and I love creating music videos.  All of my blogs and web spaces reflect these interests.  Check them out by clicking the buttons on the sidebar of this blog.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

My newest blog posts

"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself
and know that everything in this life has a purpose

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross"

Don't have anything to say today . . . just updating on new blog posts.  

I'm overwhelmed and just plain tired today.

Hope everyone has a great weekend . . .

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