Friday, April 29, 2011

Tell Me Why?

Maybe I'm just way out of the fashion scene lately, but I'm wondering who told these ladies that these hats are attractive?    

Why????  Posh Spice . . . with the little black thing with what looked like twigs hanging off of it . . . a hat that appeared to be falling off her head, topping off a slick back ponytail hairdo.  It was a bit weird! 

OMG . . . What were you ladies thinking wearing these things on your head?????

The assemblage of hats was in full force in London at the Royal Wedding!  Although I love hats and did see some that were what I considered very attractive and in good taste, the majority were laughable.  What is really amusing to me is that those hats cost what I would consider a fortune.

We had a good laugh wondering how many people got poked with these things as they made it through the gathering.

Seems like the popular choice was a thing that looked like a vinyl album with stuff stuck on it, worn on the side of the head . . . otherwise they would have to walk a mile between each other.

Click here for a slideshow from Fox News aptly titled "Mad Hatters" . . . just in case you didn't wake up before dawn to catch the royal festivities and missed the parade of hats . . .

It was such a beautiful and romantic wedding . . . the bride was beautiful in her elegant simplicity.

The following is a music video featuring an awesome song written and sung by Karla Bonoff with Linda Ronstadt singing backup that asks the question . . . Tell Me Why!!

Did you see the Royal Wedding?  I caught bits and pieces of it since I kept falling asleep, trying to stay awake.  Today has really been a lazy day and I know we will sleep like babies tonight.

Have an awesome Friday!


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Unknown said...

wow, i agree with you... i love hats but... why-ay-ay-ay (listening to the song now). these are... almost surreal (not in a good way, in my oh so humble opinion).
Happy weekend!

Intangible Hearts said...

Those two in your picture are Princesses...can you imagine, Gina?

Gina Alfani said...

I watched the whole thing again in reruns and saw even more bizarreness that I missed the first time around.

Hey Stacey . . . in defense of the many elegantly fashioned ladies, I saw some awesome looking hats that I would proudly wear. But those odd shapes placed on the head in a very odd manner still blows me away.

LOL about the princesses . . . I CAN imagine the influence Fergie has on her girls and that kind of explains those two.

I didn't emphasize how beautiful the wedding with all my goofing on the hats . . . it was a real life fairy tale wedding. So beautiful and elegant . . .

Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

Lisa Weidknecht said...

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BrendaC said...

Just dropped in from the hop and I am following you, would love if you dropped by my blog at Have a fantastic week.

Elle said...

Yea that little black hat looked funny. I was wondering if she had it glued on her forehead or something. A lot of the others looked funny too.

visiting from the spring blog hop.