Saturday, July 16, 2011

After being stabbed and jabbed in the arm and hand more times than I care to remember, they finally got my blood.  My trips to the doctor are dreaded because of this.  No matter how much water I drink prior to the stabbing, my blood still doesn't want to come out.  In particular, my hand really hurts today.  Yeah, I'm such a wimp . . .

My reward for the pain was a trip to my favorite Cuban cafe where I enjoyed a root beer float . . . it somehow eased the pain, at least for a while!

We dodged the afternoon storms to enjoy some time at Busch Gardens and finally got to see the new ride, Cheetah Hunt in action.  As soon as I get the photos downloaded, I'll be writing a post for My Florida Paradise blog.  Since I have't made a video in a while, I'm going to combine two of our recent Busch Gardens trips to depict the before and after Cheetah Hunt opening.

It has been a while since I announced a new series of posts for My Florida Paradise . . . Vintage Disney World . . . but I still haven't ventured through the office to hunt and gather those old photos.  It is still in the plan!

Have an awesome weekend!


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