Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!

Although I really detest shopping at the malls and super stores during the holidays, shopping online is something I love to do.  There is something about getting packages delivered to my door . . . feels like a gift.  

One of the bargains was delivered to my email box from Corel . . . the latest version of video software with lots of extras was 50% off.  The Captain and I were like kids who found a treasure!  I love to buy stuff that we will both use . . . and we both love making videos, so it was a treasure!  

Now I have triple the software to learn since I recently earned the new ultimate version of Corel Paint Shop Pro with extra software as a bonus from Klout Perks.  Then there is the Bamboo Pen/Touch Tablet my wonderful husband bought me . . . it came with more software.  Love love love creative software!  I'll be busy for a while learning how to use all of my new goodies.

Then there was the package I received from Klout Perks today . . . two free quarts of Benjamin Moore paint.  I didn't get to pick the colors and haven't checked it out yet . . . I may be pleasantly surprised!  Creativity of a different kind . . . I love to paint.

My blogs and websites are going through some changes . . . I decided to monitize my webspaces with advertising.  At the same time, I'm making some design changes here and there and creating new pages.  I'll also be selling advertising spots soon since I've been receiving inquiries.  Busy times!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Did you do anything special?

Our Thanksgiving was a bit different this year . . . our first as a married couple.  What was to be a celebration turned into a sad gathering of family and friends.  My sister-in-law's 40-something brother overdosed and died in his sleep as his mom was in the other room preparing the Thanksgiving feast.  It wasn't until the afternoon that it was determined that Thanksgiving dinner would go on as planned, only later . . . until then we weren't sure what we were going to do.  Very odd and sad day . . . his poor mom and dad were so freaked out they could not have dinner after all that cooking.  What a nightmare for them . . .

It concerns me how doctors tend to over medicate and don't have time to educate us about what we are taking.  It has become a personal responsibility world.  Check out your medications online and do research on what has been prescribed to you by the trusted doctor!  Be very careful about drinking alcohol while taking these medications.  I heard on the news that a simple Tylenol can be so dangerous if not taken properly.

All in all, The Captain and I had a wonderful four-day holiday together . . . perhaps a little more grateful for having each other than usual after experiencing another death of a young person.  Parents aren't supposed to grieve the death of a child . . . I have experienced so much young death in my life.  

Celebrate life . . .

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